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Mohawk Alumni Stories - Keeping in Touch

The Alumni Team is proud to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and stories of Mohawk College alumni. We invite you to share your memories and experiences with fellow graduates, reconnect with old friends and build your network within the Mohawk Alumni community.



Omee Kinkhath

Early Childhood Education - 2018

Embarking in a career change into Early Childhood Education (ECE) represents a profound shift driven …

Joseph Roger Davies

Electronics Technology - 1968

When I started college, it was known as The Hamilton Institute of Technology (HIT). By …

Himj Pandya

Business - Financial Services - 2022

Mohawk College financial services course is approved for both the FP Canada and Moody’s/…

Kat Clark

Broadcasting - TV and Communications Media - 2010

I came to Mohawk to get hands on experience in the exciting world of television …

Caralee Bolton

Nursing - 1997

I took the diploma RN program in Brantford, graduated in 1997 from the BGH campus. I …

Geoffrey VanOverbeeke

Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing - 2020

Wanting a career in plumbing is what brought me to Mohawk College.

Nicholas Laranjeiro

Computer Systems Technology - Software Development - 2019

I chose Mohawk College for its reputable Software Development program. After thorough research, I found …

Julia Freeman

Business - Marketing - 2014

I knew right after high school that I didn't want to go to University. My …

Paige Petrovsky

Journalism - 2018

I was born and raised in Hamilton and, after finishing high school, knew I didn't …

Ebony Garrick (She/hers)

Née Vesta Joyce Garrick

Community Integration - Cooperative Education - 2023

My Family, they wanted me to get a good education and it would be a …

Skylar Page

Child and Youth Care - 2023

From the moment I embarked on my quest to find the perfect program to pursue …

Dan Clement

Architectural Technician - 1977

Excellence in architectural studies, reputation

Poonam Nepal

International Business Management - Product Management - 2022

As an international student, I started my college career with the goal of expanding my …

Mélissa Lachaine

Office Administration - Legal - 2005

The opportunity to take music but I had to switch majors. I ended up doing …

Dorothy Karabela

Paralegal - 2019

I wanted to get into law and help others without them getting into financial distress

Kiara Stumpo

Business - 2022

I was a student at St. Thomas more high school in Hamilton. When I was …

Svitlana Okhota

Insurance - 2021

I am not a fan of a big city life, so Toronto college were never …

Kevin Robinson

Civil Engineering Technology - 2020

A friend took the program before and talked me through what it is was all …

Mackenzie Stoffelsen

Educational Support – Intensive - 2023

It was the closest college to me that did the fast tracked program

Lindsay Wilson

Educational Support - 2022

I came to Mohawk because of the reputation of the program and the accessible online …

Kimberly Blair

Practical Nursing - 2018

It took me 10 years to save up enough courage and money to go back to …

Patricia Ferguson

Early Childhood Education - 2023

As a former elementary teacher, I seized the chance to support younger students with special …

Jennifer Knowles

Recreation & Leisure Services - 2011

I came to Mohawk because I wanted a career in sport and athletics. Mohawk was …

Sunint Kaur

Canadian Health Care - 2019

I had applied in Mc master university but did not get offer letter and when …

Alex Kaulback

Business - Financial Services - 2017

Hamilton is my home city and I wanted to be close to home. I love …

Melissa Sockanowich

Practical Nursing - 2015

What brought me to Mohawk was the reputation it carried for the health programs, I …

Brock Kanis-Lynch

Construction Techniques - Plumbing - 2023

I was local, I met with the department head, Adam Smith and he told me …

Linsey Munro

Office Administration - Legal - 2021

It is the closest school to where I live. It was my first choice from …

Olivia Roorda

Human Resources Management - 2023

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I knew I needed to gain some hands on, practical …

Simo Duvnjak

Architectural Technician - 1969

Always had a interest in Architecture and Building Construction Was inspired by my teacher at …

Verna Liezl Perdon (She Her)

Registered Nurse – Occupational Health Nursing Certificate - 2020

I chose Mohawk College because the program offered appeared to have the right elements to …

Juhainah Hussein (She/Her)

Social Service Worker - 2023

My name is Juhainah Hussein. My journey with Mohawk College started in the year 2019 as …

Monika Chovatiya

Global Business Management - 2023

Mohawk College is the best college I have ever studied in my life. Mohawk College …

David Folk

Architectural Technology - 1988

At a young age I aspired to be an Architect or builder after a visit …

Jan Martin

Radiological Technology - 1980

A career in health sciences

Melissa Boudens

Née Franceschin

Recreation & Leisure Services - 2011

Being born and raised in Hamilton, I really wanted the full experience of attending my …

Rukshar Khan

Nursing - 2020

I always wanted to be in the healthcare field and I’m a Hamiltonian

Merwin Bankapur

Biotechnology  - 2017

The hands on education and training reputation in the Biotechnology course.

Tom Compoli

Manufacturing Engineering Technician - Automation - 2008

The fastest possible post secondary path to the money. The promised $2+ million Stelco career they …

Richard Borbely

Chemical Engineering Technology - 1989

Career Counselling

John Mattocks

Law & Security Administration - Private Security - 2008

I attended Mohawk College for Law and Security due to its excellent reputation, particularly in …

Saad Housny

Manufacturing Engineering Technician - Automation - 2021

Quality of skilled trades eductaion

Nedaa Eqdaih

General Arts and Science - English for Academic Purposes - 2023

One of the largest trainers in skilled trades and apprentices in Ontario, the college is …

Amanpreet Kaur

Biotechnology  - 2018

As an international student, Mohawk was my first ever Canadian institution experience. I always had …

Jibin Baby

Global Business Management - 2019

Multicultural diversity and one of the best college campus in Canada.

Heidi Zimmer

Child and Youth Care - 1986

It was honestly a fluke. I was interested in working with children and I had …

Vinicius Santana

Project Management - 2022

I was drawn to Mohawk College by the enticing prospect of advancing my career through …

Victor Omokhafe

Global Business Management - 2023

I wanted to improve my management skills since I had a business in my home …

Leah Van Dyk

Office Administration - Medical - 2013

I needed a career change as an adult student and Mohawk had the best selection …

Jaykumar Amin

Motive Power Technician - 2023

A few friends from back home. When I was planning to come to Canada, some …

Sarah Thomson

Pre-Health Sciences Pathway Advanced  - 2022

It's a long story, but essentially I have had many years in my life being …

Himani Patel

Supply Chain Management Certificate - 2023

I wanted to study Supply Chain Management. It was a life long goal. Due to …

Diego Rosales

Community Integration - Cooperative Education - 2023

I got to Mohawk college pandemic through using OSDP but before going to college, I …

Jennifer Smith

Computer Systems Technician - Software Support - 2015

I had moved to Hamilton from Thunder Bay a few years prior. I have not …

Gary Treusch

Architectural Technology - 1970

My father said I should go to Mohawk College since he said they had a …

Lynn Edey

Communication Arts - 1973

I wanted to be a journalist and was accepted in the program that I hoped …

Jonathan Vize

Journalism & Communications Media - 2005

Mohawk College's Journalism program has produced some of the best television broadcast professionals and journalists …

Debora Miscione

General Secretarial - 1970

After graduating grade 12, I felt I would benefit from additional education. Being a Mohawk grad …

Jim (James) Gauthier

Medical Laboratory Technology - 1980

In high school I looked at the Med Lab Tech course as it sounded like …

Jin Kim

Computer Systems Technology - Network Engineering and Security Analyst - 2013

At first, it was my aunt who suggested I study English for 6 months while I …

Jaclyn Sims

General Arts and Science - 2020

The programming and local proximity.

Alexis Melo

Nursing (BScN) - 2023

I started at Mohawk College in 2017, going through the Practical Nursing program in collaboration with …

Ryan Nikita

Electrical Engineering Technician - Power - 2019

The Electrical Engineering Technician course seemed challenging and rewarding.

Elizabeth Pike (formally Greig)

OTA and PTA - 2019

I was really torn on where to attend for post secondary. Originally I really wanted …

Alina Vinod Annicattu

Canadian Health Care - 2021

I chose Mohawk college after hearing good reviews and feedback from IDP education consultants .

Ahmad Musa

Chemical Engineering Technology - 2007

Mohawk College has a great reputation with different program offerings and a high employment rate. …

Len Perdic

Data Processing - 1973

I wanted to pursue a career in Data Processing, as it was called back then, …

Carol Filinski

Child & Youth Worker - 1996

I was at a crossroads when my children were almost school aged and decided to …

Barbara McCaughrin (Gregor)

Medical Secretarial - 1980

I was in the 2 year Medical Secretarial Course. I believe it is now called Medical …

Lucky Iyere

Power Engineering Techniques - 2022

Attending Mohawk College was driven by its reputation for practical education and industry connections. The …

Álvaro Munoz

Supply Chain Management Certificate - 2021

I love the city of Hamilton and especially I love Mohawk College. I adapted very …

Mike Defazio

Personal Support Worker - 2021

College is an amazing opportunity to develop both broad-based and field-specific knowledge. Preparing for critical …

Eddy Boy Stencel

Business - 1982

Originally from the Hammer

Diego Rosales

Community Integration - Cooperative Education - 2023

When I was a student of Saint Xavier, I was told by my teachers that …

Leila Goreil

Graphic Design Production - Digital Media - 2013

After high school I knew college was my next step in my academic career. After …

Caroline Hill

Mental Health and Disability Management - 2022

I attended Mohawk College’s Pathfinder Indigenous Youth Program for many years as a youth. …

Carol-Ann McNeil

Broadcasting - Radio - 2019

Broadcasting a weekly radio show on CJPE: 99.3 County FM radio was a goal, following retirement …

Kamalpreet Kaur

Early Childhood Education - 2023

When I was looking for colleges, I came across Mohawk because of its diverse program …

Ralph Stevens

Business Administration - 1969

I received a call from J Marko the sports director asking me to come to …

Ahsanul Hoque

Cyber Security Analytics Certificate - 2023

Since Mohawk College's Cyber Security Analytics program is well-known and emphasizes practical experience, I decided …

Rocky Stone

Paralegal - 2022

I was not fortunate at a young age to get a college education until in …

Heather Allan

Practical Nursing - 2021

I am a repeated graduate of Mohawk College and have been a lifelong learner. Mohawk …

Vanessa Henry

Educational Assistant - 2013

I came to Mohawk College because I wanted an education. I received my high school …

Meghan Robinson

Brain Disorders Management - 2018

I’m a 2 time Alumni! I came back to Mohawk to further my education in 2017. …


Cyber Security Analytics Certificate - 2023


Priyanka Makwana

Supply Chain Management Certificate - 2022

I learned so much from my journey of Mohawk College. I learned to have patience …

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